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June 10 & 11, 2016  -  Brimfield, Illinois
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Backyard BBQ Contest

Galena Avenue

Set up: Friday, June 10 (after noon) or Saturday, June 11 (after 7am)

Cooks meeting: 11 a.m, Sat. village hall
Awards: after 5:30 p.m, Sat.

Entry Fee: $50.00
First Shirt included with fee.  
Second for 10.00 dollars 


Rules and Regulations

1.      Teams will be given, and should remain within the boundaries of a set cooking space.

2.      Unless specified, contestants must provide all of their own supplies and utilities (access to water, electricity, and local retailers will be provided). 

3.      Competitors are allowed to use wood, wood pellet, charcoal, or propane gas as heat sources for cooking.   Electric cookers are allowed.  All fires shall be extinguished or deposited in the provided ash barrels.

4.      All competitors’ meat will be inspected by one of the event coordinators before cooking can begin.  Meat must be raw.  No pre-seasoning or marinating is allowed. 

5.      Meat should not be sculpted, branded, molded, or submitted in a way that makes it identifiable. 

6.      The two categories are:

      a.       Chicken: Thigh, Breast, Leg, Wing, or Cornish Hen.

      b.      Pork Ribs: Each piece submitted must have a bone, country style ribs are not allowed.

7.      Judging will commence at noon Saturday with a meat being turned in every half hour.

Chicken = 4pm

Ribs = 4:30 pm

Competitors are allowed a 5 minute window before and after turn in time to submit each item.

8.      Placing garnish in provided turn in box to improve appearance and provide stability is optional, but limited to green leafy lettuce, iceberg lettuce, parsley, and/or cilantro.  No other vegetation allowed, including kale, endive, or red-tipped lettuce.  Also, the container itself should not be marked in any way. No toothpicks, skewers, wraps or other foreign items allowed either.  If you have any questions regarding legality of your ‘turn in’, please consult an event organizer.  We do not want to see anyone receive low scores or be disqualified on a technicality.

9.      Sauce is optional, but must be applied directly to meat.  Sauce can not be pooled in the box or placed in a ‘side’ container.

10.    Every team must submit at least 6 portions of each meat unless otherwise specified by event organizer.    Meat can be chopped, sliced, pulled, or diced as cook sees fit.  Ribs must be provided ‘bone-in.’  A judge who does not receive a portion can not provide a score.  Judges are not allowed to cut, slice, or separate your entry.

11.    Any product turned in and considered raw or in violation of the rules will be disqualified, and receive a one (1) as a score in all categories unless otherwise specified by event organizer.  Raw meat can be scored normally for appearance but not tenderness of taste.  Failure to provide enough pieces of meat will result in a one (1) in appearance from all judges and ones (1’s) in tenderness and taste from judge who does not receive portion.

12.    Cleanliness and Safety:

      a.       No use of tobacco while handling food products.

      b.      Cleanliness of the cook, assistant cooks, cooking devices and equipment, and the cooking space is required.

      c.       Shirt, shoes, and general appropriate attire are required

      d.      Sanitation of work area with bleach water (one cap bleach/one gal water) is required.
               Competitors must provide separate containers for washing and sanitizing utensils. 

      e.       Organizers are not required to provide first-aid or first-aid supplies.

      f.       Prior to cooking, meat must be maintained at 40 degrees or below.

      g.       After cooking, meat must be held at 140 degrees or above properly cooled and brought back to 165 degrees before serving.



      a.       Excessive use of alcohol, public intoxication with a disturbance, or providing alcohol to the general public.

      b.      Use of illegal controlled substances.

      c.       Foul, abusive, unacceptable language, or any language that causes a disturbance.

      d.      Excessive noise.  Quiet time: will commence at midnight and run until 7am.  Please be respectful of competitors and community.

      e.       Fighting or disorderly conduct.

      f.       Theft, dishonesty, cheating, or any act involving moral turpitude.

Competing in a BBQ competition can be dangerous.  The Brimfield Area Men’s club, and the event organizers have taken steps to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for competitors and guests, but competitors must assume responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

The Brimfield Area Men’s Club, the event sponsors, the Brimfield American Legion, and the event organizers are not responsible for any injuries, illness, harassment, or damage to person or property than may incur as a result of competing and participating in Smoke on the Prairie.



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